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Prepare Your Produce Safely

Are you growing a garden this year? Gardening provides good exercise and a nutritional boost. Experts tell us that adding more fruits and veggies to our diet provides a wide variety of benefits. A study published by the British Journal of Health Psychology even found that people who eat fruits and veggies are more curious […]
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Experts Call Depression the Leading Cause of Poor Health

Each year the World Health Organization (WHO) celebrates World Health Day, highlighting a current, top-of-the-list global health issue. In recent years, World Health Day focused on infectious diseases, hypertension, diabetes and food safety. The theme for 2017 was “Depression: Let’s Talk.” According to the WHO experts, depression is the leading cause of poor health and […]
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Tai Chi Can Aid in Rehabilitation

When one is recuperating from surgery or a medical event such as stroke, heart attack or COPD, exercise usually is an important part of recovery. If you’re in a rehabilitation facility, you’ll likely be following a course of treatment specific to your situation. But when you return home, keeping active will remain an important part […]
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June Is Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness Month

Last week, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced that with the aging of the baby boomers, the death rate from Alzheimer’s disease has increased by 55 percent, and many more families will be caring for loved ones with dementia. But people can reduce their risk of Alzheimer’s disease, say experts from the […]
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